Top 10 Inspiring Leaders to watch 2020

Top 10 Inspiring leaders to Watch 2020

Top 10 Inspiring leaders to Watch 2020


Company Management Description

Optizmo Technologies


Khris Thayer, CEO & Co-Founder Khris Thayer is CEO of OPTIZMO Technologies. He brings over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate environments, including 5 years working in the venture capital arena, leading research teams and developing strategies to successfully bring various SciTech and Consumer products to the market.

WP Engine


"Heather Brunner Chairwoman & CEO" As Chairwoman and CEO for WP Engine, Heather Brunner has steered the company to hyper-growth and global expansion.A 27-year technology veteran, Heather helped create billions in value and drove customer success and business strategy for companies including Bazaarvoice, Coremetrics, Trilogy, Oracle and Accenture.

SEA Electric


"Tony Fairweather, Founder President, CEO & CTO" "Tony Fairweather is the founder, President /CEO/CTO of Sea Electric. After completing a Mechanical Engineering Degree, Tony entered the corporate world with Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), during which time he completed a Master of Business in Enterprise Innovation, which initiated his passion for entrepreneurship."

Amped Lead Generation


Rick Orozco, CEO & Founder "A renaissance man, Rick Orozco has had great success in four different industries. He is the owner of a network of businesses including Amped Lead Generation, Amped Digital Solutions, Amped Business Solutions, Amped Rescue, Amped Database Management, and Latin Twang Entertainment. "



CEO & VP of Business Development "​ Jonathan Hartney always had a passion for technology. As a result, he has opened several of his own companies in the technology space, ranging from project management to software development and high tech. Among the many titles he has held throughout his industrious career are blockchain innovator, enterprise project manager, SharePoint expert, business analyst, and bitcoin and crypto currency consultant. "



"Christine Reidhead CEO" "Christine Reidhead is an avid seeker of knowledge and a zealous humanitarian who shares an incredible passion for the art of serving the community. Serving as an advocate of education, she aims to enlighten the lives of underserved communities. Christine wants to ignite a positive change among the masses through her passion for community service and the love of sharing others’ life stories. "

Game Marketing Genie


Hersh Bhatt, CEO & Co-Founder Trained in marketing and management at The University of Melbourne, Hersh Bhatt is the CEO and co-founder of a leading data-driven marketing company called atisfy. After graduating at age 22, he joined PI.EXCHANGE, an AI and data science start-up as their first and only marketer.

Neocis Inc.


"Alon Mozes CEO & Co-Founder" Dr. Alon Mozes has been working in computer graphics and image-guided applications in start-up companies for nearly 20 years. As a principal engineer and one of the first 20 employees at MAKO Surgical Corp., he helped develop the software for their ground-breaking Rio system for orthopedic robotic surgery.



"Keith Olsen Chairman & CEO" Keith Olsen's wealth of management and practical leadership experiences in the industry span more than thirty years and have played a major role in driving vXchnge’s accelerated growth. Prior to joining vXchnge, Keith served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Switch & Data.



Xuan Yong, CEO & Co-Founder Before co-founding RigUp, Xuan Yong was an energy investor at Citadel and D.E. Shaw. He began his career as an energy analyst at Goldman Sachs. Xuan graduated from Texas A&M University.

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