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50 Best Companies to Watch 2022

50 Best Companies to Watch 2022

50 Best Companies to Watch 2022

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Luc D’Urso
Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with a global presence. The companyprovide solutions to protect, store, move and recover all your data.
xSuite Group GmbH

Danny Danny Schaarmann
CEO & President at xSuite North America Inc.
xSuite is a software manufacturer of applications for document-based processes and provides standardized, digital solutions worldwide that enable simple, secure, and fast work.
Fulcrum Analytics

Richard Vermillion
Fulcrum Analytics has stood at the forefront of data and analytics for over twenty years. We offer sophisticated solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and winning strategies that help companies achieve their targeted results.

Oleg Movchan
Interim CEO
Enfusion helps investment managers solve their most pressing business challenges by looking at innovation from a fundamentally unique perspective. It gives them the power to see clearly—so that they can act confidently.
Accurate Background

Dave Dickerson
Founder & Chairman
Accurate Background’s vision is to make every hire the start of a success story. As a trusted provider of employment background screening and workforce monitoring services, Accurate Background empowers organizations of all sizes with the confidence to make smarter, unbiased hiring decisions at the speed of demand.
Strata Decision Technology

John Martino
Strata Decision Technology provides an innovative set of software and service solutions to help healthcare providers better analyze, plan and perform in support of caring for their community and reducing the cost of care.
Hirezon Corporation

Naray Viswanathan
Hirezon Corporation specializes in web-based HR software development, sales and service. Hirezon’s web-based architecture (SaaS) provides industry-leading product implementation time, installation-free software and outstanding 24-7 customer support

Kevin Kochan
SEBPO is a leading global outsourcing partner to many of the world’s largest advertising, media, and technology companies. The company specializes in ad operations, creative services, data solutions, media planning, and quality assurance.

Aarjav Trivedi
Founder & CEO
Ridecell prides itselves on helping the largest fleets in the world digitally transform their business operations to achieve their goals, no matter how big or adventurous.
Data Meaning

Marvin Mayorga
Managing Partner
Data Meaning's mission is to increase the effectiveness of our customers'​ business, without compromising their budget, by transforming data into intelligent information that will lead into strategic decisions.

David Alonso
CEO & Co-Founder

Tracker's vision is to help recruitment and staffing firms grow their businesses by using Tracker to build better relationships and to run their operations more effectively–the end result being the ability to build better relationships and increase growth and profitability.

Robert Vickers
Zurple uses technology and data to help agents build relationships with prospective clients in creative, scalable ways.
Mesh Systems

Richard Baxter
Founder & CEO
Mesh Systems is an Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Innovator providing enterprise-grade implementations to Fortune 500 companies. its engineers have deep expertise across IoT hardware design, embedded software development, wireless systems, and cloud-based business applications.
New Law Business Model

Ali Katz
Using a carefully constructed system of instruction, coaching, and ongoing support, NLBM helps lawyers start exactly where they are – whether that’s just getting back into the game, working part-time, or growing a million-dollar firm.
Worth Clark Realty

Ryan Michaelis
Chief Growth Officer
Worth Clark Realty is a unique agent-owned real estate brokerage enhanced by technology and driven by relationships. It provides innovative and value-driven services to help people buy, sell, and lease real estate.
Sales Xceleration

Mark Thacker
CEO & Co-Founder
Chad Meyer
Sales Xceleration is a pioneer in outsourced sales leadership. It provides business owners with an experienced Outsourced Sales Consultant to drive sales growth. One of its local consultants will help you build a sales engine and create record-breaking growth for your business.

Mark Stamford
Founder & CEO
OccamSec is a leading provider in the world of cybersecurity. Its clients rely on them to provide information security services that exceed current industry standards. It provides accurate, actionable information to reduce risk and enable better informed decisions.

Phil Brown
Managing Director & Head of Consulting
OneGTM is a specialist B2B go-to-market agency offering a unique combination of strategic consulting expertise, deep industry experience, creative marketing talent and robust project management.

Jaswinder Chadha
President & CEO
Axtria is a global provider of cloud software and data analytics to the Life Sciences industry. It helps Life Sciences companies transform the product commercialization journey to drive sales growth and improve healthcare outcomes for patients.
Epion Health

Joe Blewitt
Epion Health provides a Software as a Service patient engagement platform at the point of care, beginning with the patient check-in process. It provides a variety of mobile health applications and content using a cloud based application and content management solution.

Garrett Macdonald
Senior Vice President
cashvest® by three+one® harnesses data to maximize the value of every dollar through the power of liquidity analysis by over 30%.
BrandCraft Marketing

Torey Azure
BrandCraft is a growth marketing agency specializing in achieving organizational growth for clients using a complete suite of branding, design, video, content, and digital marketing services.

Dorian Selz
Co-Founder & CEO 

Squirro marries data from any source with your intent, and your context to intelligently augment decision-making - right when you need it!
XAG Group

Nathaliah Naipaul
XAG Properties is recognized as a leading company in the acquisition, development, leasing, and management of retail and commercial properties in Houston. Its exclusive team of real estate professionals has proven experience with every retail property type from single-tenant to retail centers, gas stations, and everything in between.

Ben Michaelis
Founder & Managing Director
ThinkEngine supports both SMEs and large firms with exceptional digital marketing and innovation solutions. As a B2B agency, it helps its clients to achieve their marketing goals and corporate objectives.

Romi Stein
Co-Founder & CEO
OpenLegacy helps organizations quickly develop a composable enterprise by extending their core (legacy) systems to the web, mobile and cloud in days or weeks versus months.

Iddo Gino
RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Hub where millions of developers find and connect to tens of thousands of public APIs.
Strikepoint Media

Jeremy Blossom
Strikepoint Media was born from the financial publishing industry. It helps publishers who provide financial information, insights, and news get their newsletters and content in front of millions of traders and investors.

Robin Khuda
CEO & Founder
AirTrunk is a rapidly growing technology company with a vision to continuously redefine and deliver the hyperscale data centres of tomorrow, in order to meet the needs of the world’s most influential technology companies today and into the future.
Picus Security

H. Alper Memis
Co-Founder & CEO
Picus Security is the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS). The Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform is trusted by leading organizations worldwide to continuously validate the effectiveness of security controls against cyber-attacks and supply actionable mitigation insights to optimize them.


What makes PEACCEL different is that it can produce massive amounts of synthetic data to train its ML/DL platform. Other companies have taken the shortcut of relying on existing datasets which are often messy and of low quality.
Anyware Solutions

Morten Bremild
CEO & Founder
Through data-driven digital home, care and building analytics services, Anyware is ENABLING YOU to make informed and actionable decisions based on our unique, patented and award-winning IoT devices and technology platform.

Val Infante
Chief Operating & Marketing Officer
Bambu Systems develops mobile-based financial services products that enable consumers to transact conveniently and securely.
XACT Robotics

Shai Meltzer
XACT Robotics® is advancing the field of radiology with cutting edge, hands-free robotic technologies that significantly improve the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of percutaneous procedures to support earlier patient diagnosis and treatment.

Jyoti Bansal
Co-Founder & CEO
Harness is a rapidly growing startup that is disrupting the software delivery market. It is building an intelligent software delivery platform that enables engineers to deliver software faster, with higher quality, and with less effort.

Sam Gutmann
OwnBackup believes that no company operating in the cloud should ever lose data. With comprehensive backup, visual compare, and fast recovery capabilities, it has helped hundreds of organizations through data loss and corruption crises.
Elizabeth Rovens

Elizabeth Rovens
Elizabeth Rovens is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who loves to share her daily outfit/lifestyle inspirations with her dear followers. With over 10 years of modeling experience, cosmetics, beauty, hair and film experience, she loves to share her professional tips with those who are in the industry of fashion/beauty or with those who just love it!

Meidad Sharon
CEO & Founder
ChargeAfter is the leading buy now pay later (BNPL) consumer financing platform made for banks, financial institutions and retailers. Its multi-lender network connects retailers and lenders to offer shoppers personalized financing options.

Changsu Lee
CEO & Founder
Allganize helps insurance, finance, SaaS companies automate answering questions from a myriad of complex text documents. Its applications include assisting service representatives in customer support centers, enhancing the search experience on the website and mobile app for end users.

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter
Founder & CEO
Cyberpion is trusted by Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries including banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, energy and utilities, retail and consumer goods, and media and telecom.
Traefik Labs

Emile Vauge
Founder & CEO
Traefik Labs develops the world’s most popular cloud-native application networking software. It helps developers and operations teams of all sizes build, deploy and run modern microservices applications quickly and easily.

Paulo Paulek
U-Payments is dedicated to the development and implementation of digital means of payment platforms, with the aim of solving the needs of financial and digital inclusion, supporting companies and organizations that decide to work for the formalization of the economy and financial education, to through consultancies and advisory services to provide solutions and quality services for all people.
Beach Chair Marketing

Marcio Da Silva
Founder & Creative Director
Beach Chair Marketing creates targeted online marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes and industries. It operates out of Toronto, Canada, whereite helps small and medium enterprises thrive in today's digital business landscape.

Marc McConnaughey
iatrixAir is bringing to market, a different approach or solution to indoor air pollution. They make commercial indoor spaces safer through intelligent detection, fast remediation or disinfection, medical-grade air exchange products that monitor air quality 24/7/365.

Gadi Shamia
CEO & Co-Founder
Replicant was founded on the belief that machines are ready to have useful, complex conversations that will transform the way we interact with the world, starting with customer service.
Tripledot Studios

Lior Shiff
Tripledot is a new and fast-growing games studio based in London and Minsk. Forged by seasoned industry veterans from King, Facebook and Product Madness, their goal is to create the highest quality casual games for everyone to enjoy.

Vincent Bourzeix
CEO & Founder
Created to work as a transparent, full-service extension of your in-house teams, Superbolt aims to provide an excellent client experience while driving phenomenal growth for ambitious consumer brands.

Russ Fadel
Co-Founder & CEO
Augmentir™ is the world’s only provider of AI-based connected worker software. Augmentir’s software platform is a suite of AI-powered connected worker tools that helps industrial companies optimize the safety, quality, and productivity of today’s rapidly changing industrial frontline workforce.
Terzo Technologies

Brandon Card
CEO & Co-Founder
Terzo AI-powered enterprise contract intelligence helps customers gain insights that allow them to optimize costs and reduce risk.

Shahar Chen
CEO & Co-Founder
Aquant presents Service Intelligence - giving service leaders, techs and teams the most vital information they need for every situation. Aquant understands service data in context, automatically transforming unstructured data into structured data, and pulling the most vital information for every situation.

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