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30 Most Innovative Companies 2018

30 Most Innovative Companies 2018

30 Most Innovative Companies 2018

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Tom Callahan,


Donlen is a full service fleet management company, providing services for the widest range of assets in the industry. Its customers choose Donlen because it helps them achieve the lowest total cost of ownership with the industry's most responsive data management tools and consultation. 


Chuck Young, CEO & Founder Ameritest is an international research consultancy that works with brands to optimize their strategic positioning, branded communications and advertising campaigns. The firm's practice specializes in collaborating with clients to develop their most powerful visual vocabulary, which drives the superior brand experiences that build inspiring long-term brand memories. 

Sunrise Banks

David Reiling, CEO  Sunrise Banks is the most innovative bank empowering the underserved to achieve.  Sunrise Banks has a dynamic social entrepreneur at its helm, leading a team that innovates in the financial services industry and strives for financial inclusion for all. 

M&C Saatchi

Huw Griffith, CEO M&C Saatchi is a global marketing services business working across a wide variety of industry sectors with a strategy focused on winning new business and starting new businesses. The strategy is carried out by staff, employed in over eighty business units run by local entrepreneurs who are regularly in touch with their local stakeholders and head office.

Simpson Healthcare

Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO & CSO Simpson Healthcare is an established scientific agency whose  employees provide the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostic and device industries with a wide range of services in support of overall marketing strategies. The products and services provided enhance a company's value for the benefit of the stakeholders, while simultaneously disseminating new biomedical knowledge for the benefit of healthcare providers and their patients. 

PSI Logistics GmbH

Dr. Giovanni Prestifilippo & Mr. Sascha Tepuric, Managing Director

PSI Logistics was founded  as a 100% subsidiary of PSI AG. Today, it brings together the logistics expertise of the Group. The technology transfer and backing of a publicly-traded Group with sites around the world not only offers our customers a guaranteed return on investment, but also high quality standards and comprehensive IT security.  

Digital Air Strike

Alexi Venneri,   Co-Founder & CEO Digital Air Strike is the nation’s leading social media technology, online reputation and consumer engagement company. The firm serves 3,000+ businesses in the United States and Canada including 7of the top 10 automobile OEMs and dozens of the top dealer groups. 

Delta Risk LLC

Scott Kaine, CEO Delta Risk, a Chertoff Group company, provides managed security services, cloud security, and security consulting services to government and private sector clients. The company helps its clients build cyber defenses to protect their valuable assets and data with a wide range of solutions, including cloud access monitoring, contingency planning, incident response, threat hunting, compromise assessments, and training exercises

Rego Consulting

Dan Green, President & Founder As the leading PPM services and consulting provider, Rego Consulting can help you gain measurable ROI from your investment while driving down the cost of implementation, development, and support. Rego specialists build efficient configurations for better performance and greater reliability in CA PPM and ServiceNow.

Atlas MedStaff

Ankur Garg
Chief Operating Officer
The travel nursing industry has evolved, and Atlas was born out of the evolution. Helping a person in their tough times by treating them as part of the family by providing that extra source of care is what Atlas MedStaff specializes in. 

Cleveland Heart Lab

Jake Orville
Co-Founder & CEO 
Cleveland HeartLab is a Clinical Reference Laboratory specializing in next-generation cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and management. It offers a reliable and affordable group of biomarkers that provide additive and complimentary insight into an individual’s risk for heart disease and cardiac events.

Inmedix Inc

Dr. Andrew J Holman
Inmedix approach focuses on autonomic nervous system (ANS) control of stress responses within the brain. In the setting of an autoimmune disease, ANS stress can significantly intensify an autoimmune disease. The firm calls it Immuno-autonomics. It seeks to understand and block this process to allow current autoimmune disease therapies to work much better.

Hakdefnet GmbH

Michael Goedeker, Founder & CEO Hakdefnet is a German Security Research Start-Up that gives customers the opportunity to protect themselves more comprehensively, cheaper and easier than ever before based on real research. The firm helps you to analyze security gaps, find stolen data including in the Darknet, and can use that information to help you become more aware of those threats and risks by that actual research. 


Josef Bruckschloegl, CEO The kwak group consists of multiple organizations, which strive to bring better business solutions to their customers. Even though it has established offices in many countries, the firm have the same universal goals and objectives. No matter in which part of the world you meet a kwak representative, you will enjoy the same business approach it takes. It is a challange the company enjoys.


Rajesh Ramachandran
VP of Product Engineering 
Computhink provides products and services that fit verticals across the board. Human Resource offices, legal practices, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, accounting firms, manufacturing plants, and dozens of other client types have found success with Computhink. The firm focuses on your individual problem and tailor its service to fit the perfect solution.


Scott Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

TRAXXALL is the most trusted maintenance tracking solution available for business aviation. Created by a team with over 625 years of aviation and maintenance experience, TRAXXALL provides analyst-supported aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory management services to operators around the world.

Glance Technologies

Desmond Griffin
CEO and Co-Founder

Glance‘s focus is to streamline mobile payment services. Its flagship product, Glance Pay, revolutionizes how smartphone users settle their bills and keep track of expenses. This in addition to Glance Merchant to allow business to accept mobile payments instantly and provide superior analytics.

Untangle, Inc.

Scott Devens, Chief Executive Officer Untangle® is an innovator in cybersecurity products designed specifically for the below-enterprise market, safeguarding businesses, home offices, nonprofits, schools and governmental organizations. Untangle’s integrated suite of software and appliances provides enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer-oriented simplicity to organizations with limited IT resources.


Atiq Raza,  Chairman & CEO Virsec revolutionizes cyber security by detecting and remediating previously “indefensible” advanced memory-based attacks on critical applications and server endpoints. Using patented, non-signature based technology, Virsec is able to protect applications “full-stack” — from the memory to web layer — without generating false positives, a huge win for security teams drowning in bells and alarms or using needle in a haystack approaches.

UnfoldLabs Inc

Asokan Ashok, CEO UnfoldLabs is an Innovative Products and Services Company. The professionals at UnfoldLabs are there to help you capture these changes through innovation and reach new heights. "We are an agile team specializing in mobile, cloud and new product development/ innovation."

SyncDog Inc

Jonas Gyllensvaan
Founder & CEO
SyncDog challenges the status quo and changes the game on how organizations empower their mobile workforce. The firm enables companies to reset expectations on how employees can get work done on the go. SyncDog combines of a suite of office applications (email, calendar, contacts, office editor, file share, location services, messaging etc) along with an architecture that protects and secures your mobile workforce through  FIPS 140-2, AES 256 bit encryption that finally removes the technological struggle of having to choose between increased security or increased productivity.

Cyclotron Group

Amber Bahl
Founder & CEO
Cyclotron's focus is to increase worker productivity and safety through the implementation of big data, security, and collaboration solutions. The company believes in operating with context. Moving from business need to solution by collaborating along side the company's customers. The firm brings projects to life at the speed of a company defined by acceleration.

KULR Technology Corporation

Michael Mo, CEO & Co-Founder KULR’s disruptive, game-changing thermal management technology strives to solve the challenge of keeping electronics cooler, lighter, and safer in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner. KULR’s proprietary carbon fiber-based architecture replaces less efficient aluminum and copper based heat spreaders and exchangers, which are energy intensive, less environmentally friendly to produce.


Neil Kleinberg, Founder & CEO DiliVer is a financial technology (FinTech) M&A software company with specialized due diligence solutions that help yield better combined entity outcomes and a variety of other transaction life-cycle benefits. 


JP Rosato
Founder and
Chief Executive Officer 
Sitehands is applying its ideas, knowledge, experience, and passion to bring about a revolution in how IT field technology services gets done. Sitehands helps to change the status quo for how hands-on technology work gets done in the field. The firm enables better outcomes through simplification of interactions and orchestration of right skills at the right time and place, whether for on-demand, break-fix, program or project work.

Ignyte Group

Arman Shariati, Management Consultant executive

Ignyte Group is the strategist, technologist, engineer, and designer who bridge the gap between consulting, design, and marketing to create powerful digital experiences for its customer's brands and users.


Dilip Dubey, Founder & CEO

Xeeva is a global provider of intelligent cloud-based procurement software and financial solutions for indirect spend and MRO. Xeeva’s innovative and patented technology is driven by advanced artificial intelligence and simplifies the procure-to-pay process with a focus on driving results – leading to increased productivity, improved compliance and control, and a sustainable bottom line impact.

Myriad Mobile

Mark, President Myriad Mobile is an experienced team of mobile developers, designers, architects, strategists, and industry thought leaders brought together by its love of all things mobile. Whether it’s Android, iOS, Web, integrations, beacons, or wearables, they love it all.

AdviNOW Medical

James Bates
Founder & CEO 

AdviNow Medical (ANM) completely automates the patient encounter. Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) powered automation reduce provider time per patient, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction while maintaining personal provider - patient interaction.



Tony Perez
Founder & CEO
Netlok is a cyber-security company founded on the belief that everyone has something they value and wish to keep private and secure, and it extends to the way in which they operate online. From personal and business information, to confidential documents, to private communications with others, Internet users want to protect certain aspects of their online activities from unauthorized access.

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