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30 Great Places to Work 2021

30 Great Places To Work 2021

30 Great Places To Work 2021

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The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

Bill Johnson, Chairman & Founder The Liberty Company was founded in 1987 and is licensed to operate in all 50 states. It has grown consistently by attracting talented and entrepreneurial people into an energetic and collaborative culture which focuses on our colleagues happiness, well being, and growth.

Genuitec, LLC

Maher MasriPresident As a small company founded by software developers, Genuitec understands the importance of putting developers first and focusing on their particular needs. It delivers craft solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of the technology industry.

Global Relay

Warren Roy CEO & Founder Global Relay is a leading provider of compliant electronic communications archiving, messaging, supervision, information governance, and eDiscovery.


Subrat Mohanty Co-founder & CEO Hurix is transforming how digital content is experienced globally. Innovators of digital publishing technology with 20+ years of experience, Hurix powers business agility for leading publishers and corporate organizations globally with its mobility & digital content solutions.


Mike Iacobucci President & CEO Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations.

Fuel Cycle

Eran Gilad is the President & CEO Fuel Cycle is the leading cloud-based experience management platform for supercharging the relationship between humans and brands.

GameSquare Esports Inc

Justin Kenna, CEO GameSquare's growth is based on acquisitions of esports influencer networks, professional e-sports teams, and adjacent assets and entities that serve the esports, gaming, sports, and entertainment industries.


"Pranay Agrawal Co-Founder & CEO "Fractal is one of the most prominent players in the Artificial Intelligence space. Fractal’s mission is to power every human decision in the enterprise and uses the power of AI to help the world’s most admired Fortune 500 companies. "


Anthony “Tony” R. Jimenez Founder, Chairman & CEO MicroTech is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Information Technology (IT) Integrator and Service Provider offering Visual Communications, Telecom & Cloud, Technology Integration, and Product Solutions.


Gee Ranasinha, CEO KEXINO provides creative and affordable marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media, design, lead generation, and communications requirements.


Manish Seth Co-founder & CEO InnovationM provides specialized design & development services in the technology space - focusing on an end to end solution development (product development & custom application development).


Michael Meinhardt FOUNDER & CEO Cloudwords software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content. By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, Cloudwords eliminates time-consuming tasks and delivers unprecedented visibility into the localization process.

Rebar Kelly

Cathleen Kelly Rebar Founder & Managing Partner Rebar Kelly was formed upon the principle that long-term relationships flow naturally from recognizing that our clients are our true partners. The firm understands that problems come in all shapes and sizes.


Rob Emrich, Co-Founder & CEO Gimbal translates location data into intent, conversion, and insight for marketers trying to reach consumers and businesses wanting to improve their customers’ lives.


John Simmonds Chief Executive Officer Neuven exists to consolidate and simplify contingent workforce management; delivering transparency, efficiency and compliance in a fast-paced, competitive employment sector.


Dorian Selz CEO & CO-FOUNDER Businesses capitalize on new opportunities, improve client relations, and optimize decision-making capabilities using Squirro’s vertical-specific Augmented Intelligence solutions, which combine human intelligence with powerful AI.


Ian Collins, Co-Founder & CEO Wysdom.AI offers a suite of comprehensive Conversational AI products and services helping businesses increase customer satisfaction, contain costs, and maximize revenue generation.


Zack Schuler, Founder & CEO NINJIO is a Security Awareness Company that educates employees of organizations how to become more secure by using short "micro-learning"​ animated and engaging security stories that are based on or inspired by real companies who have suffered actual significant security breaches.

Big Health

Peter Hames, Co-Founder & CEO Big Health's purpose is to help millions back to good mental health. The company does this by creating fully-automated and highly personalized digital therapeutics for mental health.


Austin Steed, Founder & Board Member PickTrace provides workforce and harvest management solutions for enterprise farms. The company is building the agricultural management system of the future, with unparalleled customer empathy in an under-teched industry.

Simon Data

Jason Davis, Founder & CEO "Marketing technology has never fully integrated the three most important parts of customer relationship management: listening, thinking, and speaking. This changes with Simon Data, the Smart Hub purpose-built to seamlessly blend the science of understanding your customers with the act of connecting to them. "


Anda Gansca, Co-Founder & CEO Knotch is a SaaS platform that helps brands connect their content to desired business outcomes. Its data-driven approach to content research, holistic data collection, analysis, and optimization is empowering the world’s most notable brands to fully understand their content.


Mike Whitmire, Co-Founder & CEO FloQast is the leading provider of accounting workflow automation created by accountants for accountants to work smarter, not harder.


Ben Eachus, Co-Founder & CEO "Flowspace is the most flexible, reliable and easy to use cloud based logistics platform for businesses of any size to store, manage and fulfill their inventory from warehouses and fulfillment centers across the United States. "


Akhilesh Tripathi, CEO Digitate™ leverages machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to intelligently manage IT and business operations.


Paul Ford Co-Founder & CEO Postlight is a team of creative technologists working together to build beautiful, expertly engineered platforms.

Stride Consulting

Debbie Madden, Founder & Chairwoman Stride Consulting's goal is to create good in the world through technical and organizational consulting with clients that foster social equity, steward the environment, and treat people humanely.


Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO Specright is the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management™. Whether it’s packaging, raw materials, formulas, products, or machines, Specright helps companies digitize, map, and take action across their supply chain to reduce costs, increase profitability, and drive sustainability.

Covera Health

Ron Vianu, Co-Founder & CEO Covera Health is on a mission to improve patient care. Through data analytics and provider collaboration, it builds high-quality radiology programs for large employers and payers to ensure the right care for their patients.


Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder & CEO Aisera offers the world's first AI-driven service experience solution that automates operations and support for IT, Sales and customer service, making businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like self-service resolutions to users

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