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50 Fastest Growing Companies 2022

50 Fastest Growing Companies 2022

50 Fastest Growing Companies 2022

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Clock Software

Krasimir Trapchev
CEO & Co-Founder
Clock Software was founded in 1996. Always applying the latest developments in information technology, it soon became the leader in the hotel software market in Eastern Europe.
RKL eSolutions LLC

Joe Noll
RKL eSolutions is comprised of three business units; an IT Services group, a custom development team and a software solutions organization. Using the latest technologies, its IT Services staff delivers network infrastructure and security expertise on multiple platforms to run your business.

Alexandre Bilger
Sinequa serves both large and complex organizations with the most complete enterprise search, ever. Customers employ itd intelligent search platform to connect all content (both text and data), derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context.

Michael Wong
Genea provides best-in-class innovation to drive the future of property technology. Our cutting-edge access control, visitor management, submeter billing, and after-hours HVAC solutions have helped over 4,500 companies transform and streamline their operations.
Amara Wellness Centre

Dr. Zara Celik
Founder & Managing Director
Amara Wellness Centre is one such culmination of experience, understanding, education, culture, and tradition. Whether looking for chiropractic treatment, injury and illness prevention, general health and well-being advice, a soothing massage, rejuvenating and revitalizing your body, or enjoying a hot steam "Hammam," Amara is the perfect place for you.

Alexei Dulub
CEO & Founder
PixelPlex has what it takes to hold on to its stripes of a trusted outsourced tech provider, delivering internationally.

Dr. Rao Mulpuri
View is the leader in smart building technologies that transform buildings to improve human health and experience, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and generate additional revenue for building owners.
Good Good Natural Sweetness LLC

Gardar Stefansson
Co-Founder & CEO
Good Good is a fast-growing brand of keto-friendly jams, snack bars, chocolate spreads, syrup, mixes, and natural sweeteners. The company aspires to create a healthier and happier world where you can enjoy the sweet things in life without worrying about the health risks of added sugar.

Manish Dalal
President & Founder
ZKTeco USA is a globally renowned enterprise focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer place for all its inhabitants.
Rivers Agile

Ben Wilson
Founder &CEO
Rivers Agile fulfilled the need for first-rate quality assurance services in the greater Pittsburgh area. The organization proved successful as a boutique firm and has matured into an end-to-end software solutions provider, focusing mostly on web and mobile development.
Phunware, Inc.

Alan S. Knitowski
President, CEO & Co-Founder
Phunware is the pioneer of Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS) – the only fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize their anytime, anywhere users.

Kevin Tadevosyan
President & CEO
CyberDuo offers a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Cloud and Cybersecurity services. We employ a team of highly trained and certified engineers with deep knowledge of the most advanced, secure, and reliable technologies.
Welcome Tech

Amir Hemmat
President & CEO
Welcome Tech is the world's first digital platform to provide the global, multigenerational immigrant community with the linguistically and culturally relevant resources to thrive in a new country.

Samay Kohli
GreyOrange is a global technology company unifying AI-driven software and mobile robotics to modernize order fulfillment and optimize warehouse operations in real time.

George Baker Sr.
Founder & Chairman of ParkHub is a complete parking ecosystem that offers premiere enterprise solutions to the industry’s top management and operating companies. Its hardware and software platforms are being utilized domestically coast to coast at over a dozen of the world’s top ranked venues and management companies.

Rich Wagner
CEO & President
Prevedere is an industry insights and predictive analytics company, enabling business leaders to make better decisions by providing a snapshot into the company’s future.
Aureus Analytics

Anurag Shah
Founder & CEO
AUREUS is the Customer Intelligence & Experience company that enables Insurers & Agencies to deliver superior customer experience leading to greater customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Andrew Kress
Co-Founder & CEO
Pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and government organizations have partnered with HealthVerity to solve some of their most complicated use cases through transformative technologies and real-world data infrastructure.
Alpine Distilling

Robert Sergent
Co-Founder & Managing Director Sara Sergent, Co-Founder
Alpine Distilling is a craft distillery located in Park City, Utah. The distillery began in response to Rob and Sara’s, the founders of Alpine Distilling, desire to create a brand that reflected their mountain town community values, connected them to aspects of their family heritage, and would be a positive tool to show their kids the value of building a business.

Riccardo Badalone
C2RO™ is all about helping businesses understand human behavior in the physical world. The company's products are the cornerstone of data-driven decision-making toward operational efficiency, physical transformation, and the safe and immersive environments of the future.

Martin Cloake
Raven is a manufacturing technology leader that helps companies empower the frontline and improve operational performance with its automated contextualization and OEE software.
Quantifi Photonics

Andy Stevens PhD
Quantifi Photonics is on a mission to transform the world of photonics test and measurement. It develops and manufacture a wide range of benchtop and modular instruments and customized test solutions and supply multinational technology companies and world-leading research organizations.
Qellus, LLC

Ihsan Hall
Founder & Managing Director
Qellus is an IT services company focused on simplifying your business with process digitalization fueled by OpenText™ solutions.
Sigma Computing

Mike Palmer
Sigma is not another Business Intelligence tool. Sigma is the only Cloud Analytics solution with a spreadsheet-like interface that enables anyone to explore data at cloud scale and speed.

Dan Munk
FenceCore is a Canadian Information Technology consulting and solutions company headquartered in Montreal. FenceCore is committed to providing its clients with leading-edge IT products and services to help enhance and improve process performance.

Chris Alexandre

CEO & Founder

GuestRevu helps hotels, groups, tour operators and activities across the world get a better understanding of their guests through the data and insights gained from their guest feedback and online reviews, improve guest satisfaction and drive direct bookings.
Signal AI

David Benigson
CEO & Founder
Signal AI, the External Intelligence company, helps businesses make sense of the outside world. Using the Signal AI External Intelligence platform for Decision Augmentation, organizations can spot critical signals in the external noise, allowing them to get ahead of risk and opportunity, and make confident decisions.

Cameron Weeks
Co-Founder & CEO
Edify delivers an all-in-one contact center and unified communications solution that works on every channel, for every customer, to solve every problem. On a single screen.
American Battery Solutions

Subhash Dhar, Founder
Chairman & CEO
American Battery Solutions is one of the companies powering the transformation from fossil fuels to emission-free electric energy sources through its lithium-ion battery solutions. They engineer, develop and manufacture lithium-ion battery systems for electric vehicles, electrified transportation, the industrial & commercial markets, and large-scale energy storage systems.
Holm Security

Stefan Thelberg
Holm Security delivers unparalleled 360-degree coverage and comprehensive insight to enable you to detect vulnerabilities, assess risk, and prioritize remediation for every asset across your entire organization.

Dr. Alessandra Doolan
HTAG develops capacity building programs supporting school students in social and recreational group learning environment.

Sean Hall
FirmGuardian is an accomplished cybersecurity company, focused on helping organizations create stronger Security and Compliance programs.

Vid Jain
Founder & CEO
Wallaroo is an enterprise ML | AI platform that turns your data into business results faster, easier, and with a far lower investment.

Muddu Sudhakar
Co-Founder & CEO
Aisera offers the world's first AI-driven service experience solution that automates operations and support for IT, Sales and customer service, making businesses and customers successful by offering consumer-like self-service resolutions to users.
Smartlytics Consultancy

Mostafa Hashem
Founder & Managing Director
Smartlytics Consultancy is an innovative analytics and business intelligence company delivering intelligent analytics like you've never seen before to reduce costs, increase demand and deliver an outstanding customer experience.
Clarify Health Solutions

Jean Drouin
MD Founder & CEO
Clarify Health is an enterprise analytics and value-based payments platform company that delivers end-to-end intelligence on every patient journey, empowering payers, providers, and life sciences companies to make better care decisions.
Saviant Consulting

Anubhav Dwivedi
CEO & Founder
Saviant is on a mission to simplify the industrial world around us. The company works with machine manufacturers & industrial engineering businesses, for their data platform engineering, advanced analytics and intelligent software implementations.
4A Labs

Bora Çelenk
Erden Alpan Co-Founders
Managing Partners
4A Labs is a close team of highly experienced managers, creative directors, designers and developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

David Drai
Co-Founder & CEO
Anodot is the business monitoring company that eliminates business blind spots by proactively monitoring business metrics, enabling companies to protect revenue, manage costs, and improve customer experiences.
Cattle Dog Digital

Luke Orell
Managing Director
Cattle Dog Digital is a full-funnel consulting and implementation team that stands-up your tech-stack across sales, marketing and finance – fast.

Viacheslav (Slava) Oganezov
CEO & Founder
Finverity is a cross-border supply chain finance platform for mid-market firms focused on trade between developed and emerging markets.
Idea Financial

Justin Leto
Co-Founder & CEO
Idea Financial is a digital lending startup that provides Main Street businesses with the resources they need to be successful. Providing a variety of financial products and useful services, Idea Financial is a partner to small businesses throughout the country.

Poojan Kumar
CEO & Co-Founder
Clumio helps organizations simplify data protection in AWS. Its secure air-gapped SaaS solution enables organizations to achieve stringent compliance requirements, backup and restore data in minutes, and gain better visibility to optimize cloud storage costs.

Dor Knafo
CEO & Co-Founder
Axis's believes in a world in which workplace connectivity is always secure and seamless. Through its Security Services Edge (SSE) platform comprised of over 350 points of presence, and its policy tagging system, the company makes securing access to business resources impossibly simple.

Daniel Barber
CEO & Co-Founder
People at DataGrail believe in a world where people can be in control of their privacy and identity. The company is developing the privacy platform modern brands rely on to build customer trust and transparency.

About Vivek
InStride is pioneering a new approach to workforce education. Its mission is to enable employers to provide life-changing strategic enterprise education™ programs to their employees in partnership with the highest-quality global academic institutions.
Lumu Technologies

Ricardo Villadiego
Founder & CEO
Lumu Technologies is a cyber-security company that illuminates threats, attacks, and adversaries affecting enterprises worldwide. Using actionable intelligence, Lumu provides a radical way to secure networks by enhancing and augmenting existing defense capabilities.

Susan Bowen
CEO & President
Aptum is a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider delivering complex and high-performance cloud solutions with an integrated secure network.
Hypersonix Inc.

Prem Kiran
Founder & CEO
Hypersonix is the Enterprise AI Platform purpose-built for Ecommerce. It acts as an enterprise nervous system that senses and reacts to market conditions and customer demand for optimal results and profitable revenue.

President & CEO
Evoque is a bridge to the future. Its cloud, connectivity, and data center solutions evolve with its customers, delivering the connections that enhance their growth and empower progress at scale.

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